Dom Tetreault (
Sun, 8 Aug 1999 11:43:27 -0400

> >also, once hlj can ship, how long does that take? it said on
> >their site 2-9 days, so i'm just wondering if that's accurate.
> that's all for
> >now. thanks in advance.
> >
> >-mike
> 2 days is way optimistic, but you should get yours by the 9th day
> since it's
> UPS.

My past few orders have all gotten here within 10 or 11 days, nice and
reliable. (After shipping notice, of course.) The 8th day has been a
Thursday or Friday and I've always gotten it Monday. Actually, I was a bt
curious about this and was wondering if anyone could answer... Why do all
of HLJ's Gundams (at least the ones I've got so far) have the shrink wrap
removed? Is this just HLJ making sure that nothing is missing?

- dom

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