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>> This kit is sweet. It has a lot of detail linbes, and follows a
>>good mix
>>of snap-on and old-style construction. It's old style in the sense of two
>>body-halves and arm/legs/head construction which reminds me heavily of the
>>old GM/rx78 kit construction designs. The hands look Zeta-era style. The
>>shield is a vast improvement ofer the old one. And yes, it is a scale down
>>of the MG.
>I thought it looked closer to a scale-down of the PG instead. This one
>wasn't panel-line and markings crazy like the MG.

Youmay be right there. there are some details closer to the PG in closer

>>2) BB SD gundam Musha Nataku
>You just saw this one? It came out several months ago and the last one
>from the series (Musha D-Hell Custom) just came out a few weeks ago. All
>five Mushas from Wing can combine to form a huge Gundam.

        Really? damn, have to get all of them!

>You should have gotten the 1/100 scale one instead... IIRC, that one comes
>with a plain Gundam and all the PG parts are add-ons, so you essentially get
>2 Gundams for the price of one.

        Yah, I know...ah well!

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