Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 8 Aug 1999 01:14:55 -0700

>Hokay people...I just bought two kits yesterday...
>1) FG 1/144 RX78
> This kit is sweet. It has a lot of detail linbes, and follows a
>good mix
>of snap-on and old-style construction. It's old style in the sense of two
>body-halves and arm/legs/head construction which reminds me heavily of the
>old GM/rx78 kit construction designs. The hands look Zeta-era style. The
>shield is a vast improvement ofer the old one. And yes, it is a scale down
>of the MG.

I thought it looked closer to a scale-down of the PG instead. This one
wasn't panel-line and markings crazy like the MG.

> For those thinking of bashing the HG rx78 and this new kit
>together...well...it's possible, quite possible in fact. I dunno if the
>corefighter will fit, but it's worth a try to do so.
> My only complaint is that the fixed skirt will have to be fixed and
>cut so
>that the leg articulation won't go to waste. Other than that, it's a damn
>good cheap kit.
>2) BB SD gundam Musha Nataku
> I saw this one and I fell in love with it. not only does it make
>fora a
>damn fine SD, it also has a "normal" form which roughly corresponds to
>1/144 scale...very musha style. Am quite impressed with the way it looks,
>though it is not very poseable. still, considering how cheap they
>are...it's well worth it.

You just saw this one? It came out several months ago and the last one
from the series (Musha D-Hell Custom) just came out a few weeks ago. All
five Mushas from Wing can combine to form a huge Gundam.

>3) Perfect Gundam (1/144)
> Unusual kit. looks like a gundam with all the giant robots extras
>to make
>it look non-gundam as hell. Nice weapons up stuff...am thinking of doing a
>nice bash of a HGrx78, the FG kit and this. Might turn out to be cool.

You should have gotten the 1/100 scale one instead... IIRC, that one comes
with a plain Gundam and all the PG parts are add-ons, so you essentially get
2 Gundams for the price of one.


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