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Hokay people...I just bought two kits yesterday...

1) FG 1/144 RX78

        This kit is sweet. It has a lot of detail linbes, and follows a good mix
of snap-on and old-style construction. It's old style in the sense of two
body-halves and arm/legs/head construction which reminds me heavily of the
old GM/rx78 kit construction designs. The hands look Zeta-era style. The
shield is a vast improvement ofer the old one. And yes, it is a scale down
of the MG.
        For those thinking of bashing the HG rx78 and this new kit's possible, quite possible in fact. I dunno if the
corefighter will fit, but it's worth a try to do so.
        My only complaint is that the fixed skirt will have to be fixed and cut so
that the leg articulation won't go to waste. Other than that, it's a damn
good cheap kit.

2) BB SD gundam Musha Nataku

        I saw this one and I fell in love with it. not only does it make fora a
damn fine SD, it also has a "normal" form which roughly corresponds to
1/144 scale...very musha style. Am quite impressed with the way it looks,
though it is not very poseable. still, considering how cheap they's well worth it.

3) Perfect Gundam (1/144)

        Unusual kit. looks like a gundam with all the giant robots extras to make
it look non-gundam as hell. Nice weapons up thinking of doing a
nice bash of a HGrx78, the FG kit and this. Might turn out to be cool.

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