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>>I just received the Turn-A Gundam OST (King/Star Child KICA 473) from Tokyo
>>Pop and have a few observations about it beyond Eddie's recent review of it.
>>It's 72 minutes, so you get your money's worth on running time.
>I am very skeptical on evaluating the worth of a CD based on running time.
>Something like the 08th MS Team OST or Symphonic recording, for me is
>worthless despite the length. Sheer lack of quality cannot save a CD is
>what I was trying to say I guess.

I was trying to say that, if nothing else, you at least got a full CDs
worth of music, rather than half the actual capacity.

>>There's no descriptive phrase accompanying the title Turn-A Gundam; i.e.,
>>it doesn't say "Mobile Suit" anywhere. On every other Gundam OST I've ever
>>seen, the title includes the phrase "Kidou Senshi" or "Mobile Suit" (or
>>"After Colony" or something), but this just says "[Turn-A] Gundam Original
>>Sound Tracks"....
>Also the CD cover is a close-up of Roland, instead of the hero Gundam. A
>character-driven approach that mimics the Wing OSTs.
>The "descriptive part" should have been "called Turn 'A' Gundam" but I
>guess they left it out because it sounded totally stupid.

It should be noted that, in all cases, they use the "For All" symbol, which
I tried to indicate by putting "Turn-A" in brackets. On the actual disc,
they have the title and the TV series logo, which has the "For All" symbol
merged with the "G" in Gundam and "Called Turn 'A' Gundam" as a subtitle.

Again, my point was that, for the first time in 20 years, the title doesn't
include any descriptive text like Mobile Suit, Mobile Fighter, New Mobile
War Chronicle, Mobile New Century, After Colony, After War -- nothing.

A new direction, indeed....


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