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>personally couldn't care less...I'm frivolous with money :) BTW Dafydd
>(I have it right this time), how much did you pay for the disc? If you
>purchase JPOP CD's regularly, I suggest Tower.co.jp, but you kind of
>need to know how to ender JIS charaqcters.

You have it right. I got mine from Tokyo Pop, so it was US$33 for a CD
with a cover price of 3,059. Tokyo Pop's Mike Kiley was the previously
the guiding light behind UCI Anime's CD section, which was the
lowest-priced on-line source at that time.

>> >While the people of Inglesia in general and the people of Knox in
>> >particular dress and act like turn-of-the-century Americans (or British, if
>> >it comes to that), their ceremonies and (more to the point) the music
>> >accompanying them derive from Amerindian styles and themes.
>who was the composer?

Yoko Kanno, best known for her work on Macross Plus, Escaflowne, Brain
Powerd and Cowboy Bebop.


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