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>> That's a good point, the shield itself could conceivably be able to
>> generate a magnetic field to deflect particles...and the heavy armor of the
>> MS would be just to deflect heat and some blast damage...a shield that size
>> could have a very large field. An extension of the idea is if it actually
>> harnesses Minovsky particles in a magnetic field to create a "passive
>> field" just enough to deflect radiation and heat from the gp02a.
>> Hmmm...and that would explain Gato's need to retreat when the shield gets
>> damaged.
>i haven't really watched 0083 but would having lead inside the shield be as
>effective? how thick would the lead be if it was inside?

Hmmm...possible, but it would be very heavy, and would only protect the
are of the MS which is actually shielded...

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