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>all this talk about gp02's shield...
>i wanna know how the gp02 can even lift the shield and remain combat-ready.
>it doesn't look like it could feasibly lift it without slowing down
>considerably (looking at how flimsy it's arms are in comparison). that's
>not even considering the freakin' bazooka on the other arm. methinks the
>gp02 does stretch the 'suspension of disbelief factor' a bit. even for a
>mecha anime.

        Well, one (barely serious) idea that cropped up at the mecha
panel at the last anime con I went to was that, if the cooling system
really did use a Minovsky system, then those all singing, all dancing,
all physics defying Minovsky Particles would generate a Minovsky effect,
providing anti gravity to offset the shield weight... ^_^


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