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> Like you said, if the person is aware of the charges.
> They notify you after they have sent the items and billed your card. Oh I
> am aware that I am being screwed, just not told ahead of time that I was
> being screwed!! Get the picture. (not said in a harsh way)
> My last order, which I was canceled after four months of waiting and
> numerous attempts, was shipped and billed to my card. 3 1/144 kits and 1
> mag, total 3400 yen, was charged 2400+ for shipping! I sent them a
> complain, with no response.

Good Lord! That's too much! They should have responded.

> Now before anyone decides to write something like: 'Well, you should have
> contacted them about the should have tried harder to cancel,
> you should have...' We are the customers here! The business needs OUR hard
> earned dollars for them to stay alive! I used to head up a mutual fund
> customer service division, and no one should make their customers do all the
> work. "The customers can now track their own orders, the customers can now
> adjust their own orders..." It's all great if the damn system works and
> updates all the time!! But it doesn't.

That sounds good, but since it doesn't work, its not very good.

> Please don't give me the 'if you don't like it, do without' crap either. I

I won't, because I have had to pay horrible prices for something I've wanted,
because I couldn't find it anywhere else and didn't want to live without it.
Someone can say that easily, until they are in the same situation, you know?

> have been playing around with the idea of opening my own model shop for the
> past 8 years. I would never let anything like this happen! I, as a
> customer, am not here to make the business owner's lives easier. I am
> forking over my money not just for the goods, but for a little service. I
> understand that he's trying to grow. Get moving! You started a global
> business here! Should have been more prepared!

Yep, I agree. If I owned a model store, I'd make sure the customers are
happy, within sane limits, of course. HLJ's staff consists of only seven
people and they ship world wide! They need more staff.

> The order for the magazine was suppose to be 2 different issues, but because
> they came in on different dates over there, they can only ship it separately
> . Why?
> What kind of shipping department is this? Two items setting in the
> warehouse going to the same place ordered by the same guy...common sense...
> ship them together! If you say that it's system limitation... get a better
> system!

Yep, that is stupid! You'd think they'd ship both items at once. I've never
had problems with HLJ, but that could change, as I am going to place a medium
sized order, next week. Yep, if the system doesn't work good, get a better

> Alright, enough of me raving like a lunatic!

No, your not a lunatic at all, just a mad customer that wants what's right. I
can understand perfectly.


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