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There's already one being done for half life.

>I was wondering how easy/hard it would be to do a Gundam mod for Shogo.
>I see someone is in the process of creating one for Macross, so it
>should be possible. This is how I envision it:
>Available MS:
>GM or GM custom:
> beam saber, SMG, beam spray gun, bazooka; no transformation.
>Zaku II or Zaku FZ:
> heat hawk, MM80(?), cracker, bazooka; no transformation
>Dom or Dom Tropen:
> heat saber, MM80, bazooka; transform to hover mode...trick would be
>to enable the Dom to fire weapons while 'transformed'.
>Zeta Gundam/ReGZ:
> beam saber, head vulcans, beam rifle, bazooka; transform to
>RX-77 Guncannon or GM Cannon:
> head vulcan, beam rifle (or spray gun), shoulder cannons; no
>Maps could be inside colonies or on Earth. 'On foot' missions would be
>very similar to the regular Shogo game, but with Zeon or Fed. uniforms.
>I didn't include the Gundam (RX-78) because there is a good chance
>everyone and their mother would play it, and that would get old real
>fast. I'd consider doing the mod myself, if I wasn't going to school
>full time.
>Joaquin Torres
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