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> Right, it depends on the item(s) and what each person's needs are. But,
> technically not screwed on shipping if small items cost less then
> and if a person is aware of this.
> Aaron
Like you said, if the person is aware of the charges.
They notify you after they have sent the items and billed your card. Oh I
am aware that I am being screwed, just not told ahead of time that I was
being screwed!! Get the picture. (not said in a harsh way)

My last order, which I was canceled after four months of waiting and
numerous attempts, was shipped and billed to my card. 3 1/144 kits and 1
mag, total 3400 yen, was charged 2400+ for shipping! I sent them a
complain, with no response.

Now before anyone decides to write something like: 'Well, you should have
contacted them about the should have tried harder to cancel,
you should have...' We are the customers here! The business needs OUR hard
earned dollars for them to stay alive! I used to head up a mutual fund
customer service division, and no one should make their customers do all the
work. "The customers can now track their own orders, the customers can now
adjust their own orders..." It's all great if the damn system works and
updates all the time!! But it doesn't.

Please don't give me the 'if you don't like it, do without' crap either. I
have been playing around with the idea of opening my own model shop for the
past 8 years. I would never let anything like this happen! I, as a
customer, am not here to make the business owner's lives easier. I am
forking over my money not just for the goods, but for a little service. I
understand that he's trying to grow. Get moving! You started a global
business here! Should have been more prepared!

The order for the magazine was suppose to be 2 different issues, but because
they came in on different dates over there, they can only ship it separately
. Why?
What kind of shipping department is this? Two items setting in the
warehouse going to the same place ordered by the same guy...common sense...
ship them together! If you say that it's system limitation... get a better

Alright, enough of me raving like a lunatic!

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