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Sat, 07 Aug 1999 19:47:00 PHT

> >also, why does bandai release certain mobile suits only in 1/144 kits,
> >the others are available in 1/100 and 1/144? (g-wing kits, for
>Again it's a matter of market potential. OVAs and movies usually get only
>kits in 1 scale, while kits based on designs from a TV series come in more
>scales - a matter of exposure. Endless Waltz was popular enough so we get
>kits in 2 scales instead.

hmmm, more specifically, i was wondering why the standard sandrock and
heavyarms gundams weren't released in 1/100 kits, and only in 1/144 kits.
does bandai know/decide beforehand which kits are to be made into 1/100
scale, and which only in 1/144 scale? or do they release them all in 1/144
first and decide (on sales figures?) which to release in 1/100? and from
there, which to release in MG, and PG?

is that the case? (i haven't paid attention to gundam kits in the past few
years to notice :P)

or does bandai relase only the titular gundams and enemy mobile suits as MG,
PG nevermind-sales-figures?

>I'd love to see them all, but only the F-91 has a real chance of becoming
>a PG kit.

i still can't make up my mind on the f91 movie ("this is only the beginning"
struck me as reeeeally cheeeeesy), but i know i like the mobile suits there.
  (i prefer the crossbone vanguard bad guys to standard zakus, goufs and
doms. :P)

>As for the diecast Valkyrie, they probably don't have the mold
>anymore (there's no excuse of not milking the mold for the 15th
>if they didn't release it, chances are they don't have the mold anymore).

noooooooooooooooooo...! that's a cruel stab of truth! it can't be!
maybe they're waiting out for 20th anniversary? maybe? possibly?

the goodies they out for 15th anniv were
unacceptable and inexcusibly half-baked. battloids, gerwalks and fighters
sold individually? that's a cheap cruel hoax! (you can tell i love
robotech/macross too much not be satisfied too easily...)

the fully-transormable valkyrie kits were kind of ok, but disappointing to
an extent. i hate that certain parts had to be swapped to change from
fighter/gerwalk to battloid. the cockpit proportions were totally different
in fighter (long and slim) and battloid (fat and short) mode. (the same
goes for the macross 7 valkyries...)

now, the genesis climber mospaeda kits (fully transformable cycles and
riders) were way cool (though very fragile)...but it's off topic already :)


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