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Edward Ju wrote:
> >I just received the Turn-A Gundam OST (King/Star Child KICA 473) from Tokyo
> >Pop and have a few observations about it beyond Eddie's recent review of it.
> >
> >It's 72 minutes, so you get your money's worth on running time.
> I am very skeptical on evaluating the worth of a CD based on running time.
> Something like the 08th MS Team OST or Symphonic recording, for me is
> worthless despite the length. Sheer lack of quality cannot save a CD is
> what I was trying to say I guess.

well you have to think whther it is worth getting or especially
importing from Japan. This can be useful for people who have extra
money to spend on stuff, but the money won't go particularly far. I
personally couldn't care less...I'm frivolous with money :) BTW Dafydd
(I have it right this time), how much did you pay for the disc? If you
purchase JPOP CD's regularly, I suggest, but you kind of
need to know how to ender JIS charaqcters.

> >There's no descriptive phrase accompanying the title Turn-A Gundam; i.e.,
> >it doesn't say "Mobile Suit" anywhere.
The CCA OST doesn't even have anything on the cover.

> >While the people of Inglesia in general and the people of Knox in
> >particular dress and act like turn-of-the-century Americans (or British, if
> >it comes to that), their ceremonies and (more to the point) the music
> >accompanying them derive from Amerindian styles and themes.

who was the composer?

                  Michael Ip

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