garrick lee (
Sat, 07 Aug 1999 19:02:32 PHT

all this talk about gp02's shield...

i wanna know how the gp02 can even lift the shield and remain combat-ready.
it doesn't look like it could feasibly lift it without slowing down
considerably (looking at how flimsy it's arms are in comparison). that's
not even considering the freakin' bazooka on the other arm. methinks the
gp02 does stretch the 'suspension of disbelief factor' a bit. even for a
mecha anime.


>Richie Ramos wrote:
> > >>All that coolant will act as a very effective radiation shield. The
> > >>armor will still become quite hot, radioactively speaking, and will
> > >>replacement, but the actual Mobile Suit itself will be untouched. And
> > >>electronics and pilot should survive fine.
> > >>SJ
> > >Maybe the shield is a BIG MAGNET. A electromagnet powered by its own
> > >generator and that maybe why it needs the coolent. You know how well
> > >magnetic field deflects radiation... And that heavy armors on the MS
> > >electromagnetic field-proof (maybe some substance that will not let
> > >pass) so that internal electronics will stay intact... Interesting
>stuff. I
> > >just like how it looks, still.
> >
> > That's a good point, the shield itself could conceivably be able
> > generate a magnetic field to deflect particles...and the heavy armor of
> > MS would be just to deflect heat and some blast damage...a shield that
> > could have a very large field. An extension of the idea is if it
> > harnesses Minovsky particles in a magnetic field to create a "passive
> > field" just enough to deflect radiation and heat from the gp02a.
> > Hmmm...and that would explain Gato's need to retreat when the shield
> > damaged.
>i haven't really watched 0083 but would having lead inside the shield be as
>effective? how thick would the lead be if it was inside?
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