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> That's not entirely true. It's only worth your while if your local dealer
> prices their items on X times Japanese price. If all they do is slap on a
> fixed "handling fee" despite the item's price, it is usually cheaper to
> buy locally than to buy from HLJ. Placing a big order will only save you
> money if they are expensive - if you are ordering a bunch of SD Gundams,
> you will get screwed compared to ordering a couple MG or PG kits.

Yes, on little stuff shipping can be more then the item, but if HLJ is the
only place these small items are avaiable at, you have to either buy them, do
without, or hope to find them elsewhere. I ordered about 8 paperbacks from at one time and shipping was about $8 bucks, because they charge a
dollor a book for shipping. I don't see how one Japanese magazine, like
Dengki Hobby, should cost as much to ship as eight paperbacks, and these
where 350 and a couple of 500 page books. I have an EX Issue of Hobby Japan,
so I know about what a Japanese hobby magazine weighs. For me it is, since I
have no local stores that carry anything anime or Gundam for that matter.
But, of course its not true for everyone. All the american Online stores that
I can find, charge, for example, $15 for a $8 Gundam kit or $60 for a $30 PG
kit. What is the reason for those stores chargeing so much mark up? I don't
think its costs $10-$30 to import a toy or model kit. I wish there was an
american store that charged decent and reasonable prices for this stuff, so I
wouldn't have to use HLJ as much.


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