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>I just received the Turn-A Gundam OST (King/Star Child KICA 473) from Tokyo
>Pop and have a few observations about it beyond Eddie's recent review of it.
>It's 72 minutes, so you get your money's worth on running time.

I am very skeptical on evaluating the worth of a CD based on running time.
Something like the 08th MS Team OST or Symphonic recording, for me is
worthless despite the length. Sheer lack of quality cannot save a CD is
what I was trying to say I guess.

>There's no descriptive phrase accompanying the title Turn-A Gundam; i.e.,
>it doesn't say "Mobile Suit" anywhere. On every other Gundam OST I've ever
>seen, the title includes the phrase "Kidou Senshi" or "Mobile Suit" (or
>"After Colony" or something), but this just says "[Turn-A] Gundam Original
>Sound Tracks"....

Also the CD cover is a close-up of Roland, instead of the hero Gundam. A
character-driven approach that mimics the Wing OSTs.

The "descriptive part" should have been "called Turn 'A' Gundam" but I
guess they left it out because it sounded totally stupid.

>While the people of Inglesia in general and the people of Knox in
>particular dress and act like turn-of-the-century Americans (or British, if
>it comes to that), their ceremonies and (more to the point) the music
>accompanying them derive from Amerindian styles and themes.
>The music is, as Eddie noted, all over the map, but I think this is literal
>-- some of the music is "local" to the various locales in the story, much
>like the Cantina Band and Jawas themes in Star Wars.

After a week I've grown to like the OST quite a bit. The quality of the
composition and orchestration is at least on par with major Hollywood
features. Track 9 "Moon" and its instrumental version "5/4 Moon" is a
New Agey track that sounds like Enya meets Celine "Titanic" Dion. It has
the potential to be a single, but it sounded too much like "My Heart Will
Go On" for comfort, people will either love it or hate it. There's also
a BGM track that sounded like it's got James Horner's fingerprint all over
the place.

>While the OP and ED songs from the anime aren't on the OST, there are two
>songs each by the vocal artists who did the OP and ED. Track 13, Ohjii-san
>something or other, is definitely by Hideki Saijo (he gets a special
>credit, in English, at the bottom of the page) and Track 22, Boys About 16,
>sounds like Shinji Tanimura.
>My favorite is Track 23, 5/4 Moon -- I wish it were longer than 2:30....

That was basically an instrumental version of track 9, "Moon" (see above).
The removal of vocals made the melody sound a bit cheesy at times, though.


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