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> Just got this from HLJ. Keep in mind that this order was placed months ago:
> >MDWMAG9906 Dengeki Hobby Mag. 99/06 Dengeki Hobby Mag. 99/06
> 1 piece(s) @ 680 yen each = 680 (From Order No. 00135725)
> Merchandise Total: 680 yen
> Shipping Charge: 1090 yen
> Total: 1770 yen
> Your order was shipped via: UPS
> >
> The book's price more than doubled due to the freaking shipping!!!
> I can buy a DHM here for lease than $14!

You should contact HLJ and ask them why shipping was so much. That sounds
like HLJ screwed up on the shipping. I used the Currency Converter and that's
about $9 shipping for an about $5 book, it sounds like HLJ screwed up big
time! I was only charged about $6 shipping for a 1/144 Turn A kit and 8
Gundam Markers. I've noticed mail ordering's better to do, when you have more
then two items to order. If it costs that much to send by UPS, then HLJ
should have sent it by mail. UPS should have been only about $5-$6. I don't
think it takes nine bucks to ship a book. You should check out UPS's site and
see what their price chart is for shipping the book and if UPS says it
cheaper then what HLJ charged you, make HLJ aware of this.


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