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I just received the Turn-A Gundam OST (King/Star Child KICA 473) from Tokyo
Pop and have a few observations about it beyond Eddie's recent review of it.

It's 72 minutes, so you get your money's worth on running time.

There's no descriptive phrase accompanying the title Turn-A Gundam; i.e.,
it doesn't say "Mobile Suit" anywhere. On every other Gundam OST I've ever
seen, the title includes the phrase "Kidou Senshi" or "Mobile Suit" (or
"After Colony" or something), but this just says "[Turn-A] Gundam Original
Sound Tracks"....

While the people of Inglesia in general and the people of Knox in
particular dress and act like turn-of-the-century Americans (or British, if
it comes to that), their ceremonies and (more to the point) the music
accompanying them derive from Amerindian styles and themes.

The music is, as Eddie noted, all over the map, but I think this is literal
-- some of the music is "local" to the various locales in the story, much
like the Cantina Band and Jawas themes in Star Wars.

While the OP and ED songs from the anime aren't on the OST, there are two
songs each by the vocal artists who did the OP and ED. Track 13, Ohjii-san
something or other, is definitely by Hideki Saijo (he gets a special
credit, in English, at the bottom of the page) and Track 22, Boys About 16,
sounds like Shinji Tanimura.

My favorite is Track 23, 5/4 Moon -- I wish it were longer than 2:30....


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