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> Maybe the shield is a BIG MAGNET. A electromagnet powered by its own
> generator and that maybe why it needs the coolent. You know how well the
> magnetic field deflects radiation... And that heavy armors on the MS maybe
> electromagnetic field-proof (maybe some substance that will not let them
> pass) so that internal electronics will stay intact... Interesting stuff. I
> just like how it looks, still.

That's not a bad idea. Which leads me to think that Minovsky particles
absorb/block radiation, so maybe the shield does deflect the heat and blast
of an explosion, but the Suit itself can easily block the radiation by
dumping M-particles after it fires its nuclear cannon. And I can see the
shield as being self-contained, so that when Kou damages the shield, Gato
realizes that he needs the shield to be functional and it won't stand up to
Beam Rifle hits, so he retreats in order to keep the shield intact, not
because he suddenly lost coolant. Sounds good, anyway.


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