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> Ok, I'm really new at this whole Gundam thing, but I love what I've seen so
> far. I've been scouring the net for the past few days trying to find the
> most
> inexpensive place to get kits. After recieving all this mail about false
> advertising at HLJ, I decided to figure out what HLJ is. I figured that
> out on my own, and I figured that with the currency exchange, they are the
> cheapest. But can someone please clue me in on why some of the kits they
> list
> are in bold and others are plain text? Also, if you wouldn't mind, let me
> on some of the basics of what's going on out there. I feel like such an
> idiot!
> -Mike

Okay, first off, the bold print means that pictures are on that page, so you
can see what you're buying. Normal script means that no picture(s) are
available. As to basics, do you mean this list, or the Gundam universe in


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