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> mi juz completed watching the 08th MS team episode
> 11 i saw the upcoming clip of epilogue episode ...
> where they would discuss the question of whether
> and shiro are dead or alive...after they fell into
> the volcanoe
> so anyone has that sypnosis of that epilogue
> episode???

(SPOILERS: Do not read the following if you are
interested in watching "The Last Resort", the 25-min
epilogue which officially concludes "The 08th MS Team"
OVA on July 25th.)

"The Last Resort": a quick synopsis

(Opening) On the Xmas Eve of UC 0079, The Zeon's still
fighting its last ditch battle in space against the
soon-to-be victorious Feds. In space, a Zeon's "Musai"
crusier was attacked by the Feds, and its skipper
vowed to protect a group of mysterious children by
them into the 'Komusai' space shuttle send them to
Earth. In the end, The Musai was destroyed, and the
'Komusai' shuttle was seen descending into Earth's

The war's over, the 08th MS Team was disbanded and its
members went their separate ways w/in the Feds
military. Miguel Ninorich, its junior member, left the
Feds and joined Kiki Logita (a partisan who befriended
Shiroh and the 08 Team throughout the war) in search
of the whereabout of their beloved captain, whom they
believe is still alive after the defeat of the

They set out from the coast of northern Vietnam (?)
sailing along numerous rivers and villages and along
the way, they encountered (and were later captured by)
a group of children dressed in worn-out Zeon military
uniform, with a burn-out 'Komusai' shuttle and a
MS-14A Gelgoog nearby their huts. Here, the duo
withness the Zeon kids buried a body wrapped in
bandage who go by the name "Aina". The duo were
shocked and asked the kids if they knew the whereabout
of Shiroh, but the kids' captain (a young black kid)
was hostile upon the mere mentioning of the name
'Shiroh' and told the duo not to ask any further.

One night, the kids' captain was having a nightmare,
and in his dream the children's identity were clearly
revealed: they are "The Flanagan's Children", the
guinea pigs used by Zeon's "Newtype Research
Institute" for Newtype research, with the files and
personal history being deleted for confidentiality
(Dr. Flanagan, the bearded guy who run the institute &
responsible for Lalah Sun's NT progress in "Gundam
0079", was seen monitoring the research in the dream)
The next day, Kiki confronted the young captain and
eventually they resolved their differences and became
friends. He told Kiki that after their shuttle
crashed- landed to Earth, they met Shiroh and Aina,
who taught them survival skills, as well as giving
them names like Shiroh, Karen (the names of the 08
team members) to have a new identity so they can start
a new life. The kids' captain also told the duo the
direction where the Shiroh and Aina headed.

The next day, the Zeon kids disappeared w/o a trace,
and the duo resumed the journey to search for the
couple. In the end, they reached a well-built house
located on a plateau (probably in Kashmir or Tibet)
bursted into tears upon what they saw: Shiroh Amada,
holding a clutch and fully recovered, smiling at them.
Beside him is the pregnant Aina Sakhalin, who's now
officially "Mrs. Amada".

- END -

P.S. Also included on the LD is 2 short segments of
the on-going "One Year War Sidestories" series. I am
not going to give away what's in there, but one deals
with "Zeon's MA developments" and the other talks
about "The end of One Year War". Very informative and

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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