Ryan Freeman (rfreeman@preferred.com)
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 01:37:24 -0400

Speaking of problems at HLJ, I'm not usually one to complain about this
stuff since I live in Nowheresville, TN; but they sent a payment request for
some items, since for some unknown reason my VISA just won't work for them.
I received the payment request and sent the money order the next day. Now,
10 days later I received a notice that this payment request was mailed to me
more than a month ago and that I had ten business days for them to receive
payment or my order was cancelled. Since the items I ordered have been on
backorder for more than 4 months I don't intend to let this go lightly. I
was just wondering if anyone else has been equally screwed in the way of
payment requests? And one final note, HLJ could be a great business if they
would remove their heads from their respective butts.

-Ryan Freeman-

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