Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 18:04:06 PDT

>yep, the current exchange rate is not good for buying...but I haven't had a
>new model since...GP02a MG came last model was GP01Fb MG! and the
>place I live now is like in the middle of nowhere or something(Davis, CA),
>HLJ/R10 seems to be the only way

The exchange rate may not be good, but we're talking Garage kits here
too! It most cases they have a very limited selling life span compared
to the plastic kits bandai can rerelease every few years. I have
already ordered two resin kits from HLJ that I never recieved because
the production run was discontinued. If you are really after a garage
kit, waiting for the exchange rate to go down becomes risky.

Mark Kai

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