Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 17:47:07 PDT

> >I bought many MG and a PG, but I haven't built them. Can anyone tell me
> >much of a difference there is, other then a bigger scale, and with it
> >more details, lights, etc. Coz' just from looking at the instructions, I
> >think they're about the same.
>What PG has over MG:
>- better articulation at the joints
>- exoskeleton enclosed in removable armors
>- availability of "custom set" parts (i.e. transparent armor) which allows
> you to build a true see-through model, unlike the "crystal" MGs.

What MG has over PG:

-A much lower price

-A much better selection of MS to build

-More exterior detail (at least for RX-78)

-Less time snipping and snapping together the darn thing!

Mark Kai

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