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Fri, 06 Aug 1999 10:14:27 +1200

Ray Hashman wrote:

> Well, they sent an e-mail when they firt went to the UPS system, and I think
> they still have it on the order pages that the US orders are sent UPS and to
> select Sal for the US UPS shipping.

I haven't ordered anything from HLJ before, but I have ordered from, and they use UPS Air delivery, and dammit they are
fast. My last order Tokyo-->Auckland took three days. Hell, I even
tracked it online, arrived in AKL at 12:30pm, and was delivered to my
doorstep at 3pm. Okay given CDs are a lot lighter than model kits, SAL
maybe a cheaper option overall, but shipping for CDs is more likely to
take a larger percentage of total ordering cost. If I was ordering from
HJL, I'd be getting asking for fastest delivery as possible.

                  Michael Ip

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