Ray Hashman (megaman@infinet.com)
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 16:33:52 -0400

> When you place an order online, HLJ's webpage asks you to choose a
> method. If they just use UPS for all orders placed in the US, why didn't
> they tell you or just not allow you to choose a shipping option at all?
> This amounts to false advertising/bait and switch... I could have bought
> same kits at my local overpriced store and paid less, someone please
> why you still think ordering from HLJ is cheaper than buying from anyone

Well, they sent an e-mail when they firt went to the UPS system, and I think
they still have it on the order pages that the US orders are sent UPS and to
select Sal for the US UPS shipping.

As for overpriced, your local shop must be cheaper than mine. My local shop
wants $85 for a GP02 MG or G-Defenser MG $48 for the GP01 or MKII Titan
version $14-$20 for most of the F91 kits, $10 for the X, W, and V 1/144
kits. It's much cheaper for me to order HLJ.

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