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> i've been thinking...maybe the shield is a self contained unit, in the
> sense that it has its own heat exchange system, comprised of at most four
> cooling unit (the lobes) and a lot of microtubing all over it...this in
> turn, plugs into microtubes in the hand of the gp02, so that the suit tself
> can benefit from this...the reason then for the smoke we see leaking out of
> the shield when the gp01 hit it is actually the coolant gas escaping. This
> might also explain the gp02's bulky's not just thick armor, but
> also a lot of microtubes and cooling units all over.
> but then, that would only enable it to withstand the heat of the
> blast...the radiation? i dunno.

All that coolant will act as a very effective radiation shield. The outer
armor will still become quite hot, radioactively speaking, and will need
replacement, but the actual Mobile Suit itself will be untouched. And the
electronics and pilot should survive fine.


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