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>> Do you really mean "Succession" -- a war over who'll be the next ruler, as
>> when two or more factions fight for control of the Empire -- or do you mean
>> "Secession" -- a war over one group's right to autonomy from another, as
>> when the Zeon declare themselves independent of the Federation?
>Yes, I really do mean "Succession" - it's a war over who is to become the
>next Emperor, although technically, while the nobles are fighting amongst
>themselves, the Neo Zeon have taken advantage of the chaos to fight for their
>own independence, so I suppose it could be both :)

This parallels the Z Gundam scenario, with the nobles playing the parts of
the EUG/Titans and AEUG/Kalaba and the Neo Zeon playing the part of
Axis/Jupiter, taking advantage of the schism and playing both ends against
the middle.


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