Paul Lampshire (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 19:11:16 +0100

>The next PG Model is rumored to be the Z Gundam.

That's a nice idea - I think I'd rather have a MkII - but then I'm a big fan
of the MkiII but the Zeta is cool. - Let's hope they can make it a bit
stronger than the MG though : )

>The MG Gundam Alex NT-1 is scheduled for September.

>The MG Rick Dom is scheduled for October.
>It will have a redesigned Beam Bazooka and redesign waist/leg thrusters.

Again, nice.

>The next MG to be annouced will be the Gundam ZZ or the G-Armor (???)

The ZZ would be... nice [sheesh, when did my whatsis become so limited?]
I'd rather have a Hyakushiki though...

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