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> > ok.. so where do u place the 'first grade' kits?
> >
> > PG - FG - MG - HG? or between MG and HG?
> For me, I'd say the quality goes like this PG, then MG, then HG, then FG.
> But, MGs and HGs quality can very. From the review post on this ML, I'd say
> the FG Gundam is a good kit, but since its all in white, and I think it has
> no polycaps, means its not even HG. HGs are usually molded in mostly the
> correct colors and need a minmal of paint, MGs are even better requireing
> almost zero paint, but all Gundam kits look better with a good paint job,
> also some MGs and HGs, are more sturdy then others. If you can paint good, or
> feel like a painting challenges if your a beginner, it would be great.
> Basically, IMHO, the FG Gundam should be a good kit, but it does require a
> total paint job to look good, which is a bad point in my book, but other then
> that the FG should be a good kit, even without polycaps, but the FG seems to
> be dated compared to current or any HG kit in the paint area, but the FGs
> joints are better then some HG kits, based on what I've heard.
> Aaron
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FG is basically the same as the early kits from the pre polycap days of
Gunpla. You have to put 'em together and paint 'em yourself. I agree
with putting them lower than HG.

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