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>Ok guys, sorry if this isn't appropriate for the ML, but I'd like some
>feedback/ideas and stuff, see if you like it :)
>The game takes place the late 9230s, on the outer reaches of the Imperium.
>The Second Succession War is in full swing, and the various factions are now
>pretty well defined. As a player, you will start off in command of a small
>independant attack group.

Do you really mean "Succession" -- a war over who'll be the next ruler, as
when two or more factions fight for control of the Empire -- or do you mean
"Secession" -- a war over one group's right to autonomy from another, as
when the Zeon declare themselves independent of the Federation?

Both are examples of civil war, but the former is of the nature of the
Sengoku Era in Japan or the Cavaliers and Roundheads in England, while the
latter is of the nature of the American Civil War (or War Between The
States) or the French Revolution. One is a conflict being two different
forces with the common goal of unifying their people under a single banner
(which doesn't preclude adding members of the other side), while the other
is a conflict between two groups with radically different and incompatible

The original Gundam was a war of secession (Federation vs Zeon); Z Gundam a
war of succession (EUG/Titans versus AEUG/Kalaba, with Jupiter/Axis thrown
in at the end to liven things up).


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