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Ok guys, sorry if this isn't appropriate for the ML, but I'd like some
feedback/ideas and stuff, see if you like it :)

The game takes place the late 9230s, on the outer reaches of the Imperium.
The Second Succession War is in full swing, and the various factions are now
pretty well defined. As a player, you will start off in command of a small
independant attack group.

The action takes place over a galactic map, which has the following features:
star systems, nebula, black holes, worm holes, deep space colony clusters and
defence clusters (and anything else I can think of). Star systems consist of
the central star itself (no binary systems here!), and planets which can be
gas giants or otherwise habitable planets.

Planets with a population will have an affiliation - these can range from
loyal, protectorate, conquered, neutral etc. Your goal will be to acquire
these territories and build your own power base for whichever side you happen
to support (or have your own, unfathomable and mysterious goals).

Once you have acquired a planet/star system/colony cluster, you can start
equipping it with technologies, such as production facilities, research
facilities or defence bases. You will need these to produce raw materials and
research so you can upgrade and build ships/MS units.

You can start off with one of the following affiliations, which gives you the
listed start units:

Imperial Loyalist (equiv. Federation)
1 Acora Class Heavy Assault Carrier
2 GM Mk V attack wings (10 units each)
1 Neo Gundam Mk II (your personal MS)

Imperial Rebel (no equiv)
1 Agincourt Class Heavy Assault Carrier
2 GM Mk V-A attack wings
1 Dega-Berguss (your MS)

Zeon (equiv. AEUG/Zeon)
1 Kruger Class Battlecruiser
1 GM Mk V attack wing
1 Rick-Dom III attack wing
1 Gelgoog Zero (your MS)

Neo-Zeon (equiv Neo Zeon, Z era)
1 Zanzibar Class Battlecruiser
2 Zaku IV attack wings
1 Zaku VL-Type (your MS)

Zeon Rogue Fleet (equiv Delaz Fleet)
1 Raccoa Class Light Battlecruiser
2 x Rick-Dom III attack wings
1 x Masaden (your MS)

You can take over planets either through diplomacy, or through attack. In
combat, against a garrison, a random encounter or another player's forces,
you can enter combat personally, in your MS. MSs are normally grouped into
wings of 10 units each. However, your MS, and any piloted by non-player
characters (who you can hire), are treated as individual units. Every time
you take part in combat, you earn experience points, and when you level, you
can learn or improve your skills. Certain skills, like Critical Shot for
example, will increase your damage in combat, or Maneauvering (sic) will
increase your defence.

If you die, you can activate a memory clone, assuming you've got any. You can
buy these using research points. A memory clone will be a level or so lower
than you were when you died.

Players can only communicate directly if they are at the same location
(either on the same ship, on the same planet or colony etc.). Ideally, this
allows people to roleplay character interaction, and this is where the RPG
side comes in. You'll be able to acquire items to complete pre-set game
objectives to earn experience and so on, but you can only trade items when in
the same location. Neutral planets and colony clusters are good for this.

To be able to build different MS units or ships, you will have to pay
research points to buy a pre-built design, or, more expensively, design your
own. What technology you can fit in an MS depends on what you've bought with
your research, or traded/stolen/found written on the back of a matchbox.

Basically, the game should run in 2 modes - the "main map" RPG mode, where
you can manage your territories, interact with other players etc., and combat

The staff will play the main personalities and officers in the timeline, so
they may occasionally set you objectives (Shaidin Aubrille tells you: "Let's
drop a colony on that planet over there. Muhahaha!!").

Of course, anyone who decides to call themselves "Gundamboy" will instantly
be banned...

Any feedback would be appreciated. Ideas, comments, insults....

It's going to take a lot of graphics design to get this working, but with ML
people helping, I'm sure it'll be possible.

Gundam Imperium: http://side7.gundam.com/gundam9230

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