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> > It's a modular ship which could combine with the rx78 in a variety of ways
> > to form different vehicle type. Alternatively, it could combine into one
> > big vehicle with an rx78 in it...if the grey one is inside, then the rx78
> > white is usually riding on the ship like it was a surfboard.
> And the design of the G-Armour, I must say, is VERY 70s Giant-Robotish :)

Let's face it: while Gundam is an evolution from the classic giant robot
still has some early mechanical/mood concepts. The mid-air assembly, for
example, remind me too much the old "and I will form the head!" without
pilots. Then the Gundam, Guntank and Guncannon are very similar to the
three-robot squad: main/sky robot, water robot and earth robot.
Fortunately the G-cannon isn't a water robot but the G-tank remind me
the Getta 3 and Amuro/Kai/Ryu trio is too similar to Ryo/Hayato/Musashi
squad for example. Then we have the "one of a kind giant monster" of
Mazinger Z' memory: the Mobile Armors and the Gyan. The evolution here
is that the "monsters" are supported by mass-produced units.
The White Base still resemble with its colors and structure the HQ of
the old robots more than a mobile carrier.
Even the Lala's death isn't an original one: since Grendizer girls loved
by the main hero that pilot/are the enemy robot are killed by their
lovers. Maybe Lala's death was much more full of pathos.

Bye, Vincenzo

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