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>Enlighten the ignorant on what the heck the G-Armor is please! :)

Recombinant Gundam.

Although it was edited out of the movies, the original Gundam series made a
lot more of the Core Block System than any subsequent series except ZZ and,
to a lesser degree, V. The Gundam consists of three main sections: the
Core Fighter, the A Parts (head, shoulders and arms) and the B Parts (hips
and legs). These three sections can be recombined, along with other
systems, in a variety of ways.

Core Booster = Core Fighter + Booster

G-Fighter = Core Fighter + B Parts + twin beam cannon

G-Bull = Core Fighter + A Parts + twin beam cannon (ground vehicle
sandwiched between two Gundam shields)

G-Sky = Core Fighter + B Parts + Booster

G-Armor = Core Fighter + A Parts + B Parts + Booster + twin bean cannon

The G-Armor is thus the entire Gundam configured as a non-humanoid fighting
vehicle. It has to be seen to be believed.

It reappears, bigger and badder, as the G-Fortress in ZZ, which combines
the Core Base, Core Top and Core Fighter in a similar fashion: Core Base +
Core Fighter, Core Top + Core Fighter and G-Fortress.

Although V Gundam does some recombination of the Top Limb, Bottom Limb and
Core Fighter to create the Top Fighter and Bottom Fighter, there's no
analogous V-Fortress or V-Armor that combines all three in a non-humanoid form.


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