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>What i always wondered was how does the coolant get the the suit? We
>see Gato pick up the shield, but where does it attach? Through the hand
>somewhere? There doesnt seem to be any hoses running for it to the
>suit. Some kind of heat convection thing?

Good question. Convection doesn't work in a vacuum, so the only way to
lose heat is conduction, radiation or a combination of the two.

The heat is probably conducted through the connections in the hand used to
power the beam weapons. Ditto the mount point for the shield.

The shield itself must serve as a heat sink, absorbing the heat from the
body of the MS via conduction, then radiating the absorbed heat into space
through the broad surface of the shield.

Conversely, when the nuke is fired, the shield protects the MS by absorbing
the radiant heat of the nuclear explosion, but not conducting same back to
the MS. The mass of the shield takes the brunt of the shockwave, which is
considerably less than any Terrestrial blast, again due to the lack of

I'd expect that the MS would have some mechanism to eject the shield when
it began re-radiating heat to a dangerous degree. I'd also expect that the
shield would be close to white hot by then.


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