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>> The World Wide Merchandise Division 2001 of Les MS Girls
>> (Mika Akitaka Illustrations)
>> Dainippon Kaiga
>> $27.00
>> Item#993041
>Is this a sequel to the first book or are you just discovering this fanboy
>item now?? :-)

This is the original book, I think, probably a re-issue, although I can't
be sure because Kinokuniya didn't give the ISBN.

I've had this book since it first appeared five years ago. Knowing how
popular it is, I felt remiss in overlooking it in my original post.

I suspect that it's being reissued in anticipation of a sequel, just as
they did with the Gundam Illustration World, but that could be wishful
thinking. The original was a collection of all those "Nubile Suit Gundam"
illos that Akitaka has done for Model Graphix over the course of several
years, plus a few new ones to bring it up to date. Any sequel would have
to be all new material, unless Akitaka's been doing them right along as a
hobby the last few years.


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