Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 13:52:17 -0700

> That should be interesting. I wonder if it will be just an expansion on
>the movable frqame of the MG, or will they redesign from scratch to take
>the full advantage of the scale? also..let's hope it has a that hyper-beam
>launcher thingie.
>>The MG Gundam Alex NT-1 is scheduled for September.
> This is one I'm waiting for.

Old News. But I'm interested in seeing how they'll redo the Alex, as its
torso is slightly on a bulky side. Will Bandai streamline Alex?

But I would wager that the forearm Gatling construction will be nifty, not
like the 1/144th Alex.

>>The next MG to be annouced will be the Gundam ZZ or the G-Armor (???)
> I can imagine the ZZ -- it's only logical, but a G-armor? will that come
>with an rx78 or just the G-armor itself?

ZZ was marked as a probable release a while back, and thus its not too
surprising if it becomes an MG. After all, we gots to have our original
Gundam Team, right?

G-Armor would be an interesting release, ad may fit becasue of the whole
nostaliga. If it is the next MG, I wonder if it will include an RX-78-2, a
la Super Gundam (Which I still gotta get. Being broke sucks).

Y. "Looking for a cheap MG G-Defensor" Choe

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