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>> Yah, hey chris! how's it going? I wish I were familiar with
code, so I
>> could help you guys out!
>> It's good that online campaigns are starting up...I believe that
>> these things will make us appreciate -- or curse the various MS's...this is
>> where we'll find out if our favorite mechas can really do all that we think
>> it does, or have seen it do.
>Actually, Richie, I agree completely. The more Gundam games that start,
>the better.
>Christopher Beilby

        Exactly. I found out to my dismay, for example, that although the RX78
was great, even the rx178 could beat it in performance if the pilots where
the same skill level. go figure...and that tyhe Zeta is so EFFING powerful
when in conjunction with some artillery forces.

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