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Wed, 04 Aug 1999 07:51:37 -0700

Richie Ramos wrote:
> >I'd love to help, but I'm a bit busy with my own Gundam online game, as
> >you know...
> >
> >PS: Don't even think about poaching my players... :)
> >--
> >Christopher Beilby
> Yah, hey chris! how's it going? I wish I were familiar with code, so I
> could help you guys out!
> It's good that online campaigns are starting up...I believe that having
> these things will make us appreciate -- or curse the various MS's...this is
> where we'll find out if our favorite mechas can really do all that we think
> it does, or have seen it do.

Actually, Richie, I agree completely. The more Gundam games that start,
the better.

Christopher Beilby

Gundam_Wiz of Gundam MUSH ( port 9999)

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