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Ahhh Mg Dendrobium, I'd love to have it, but if I remember the big money
spent to make it, I think there's no chance to turn dendrobium into MG. Oh
well, the 1/220 dendrobium itself is nice ( like mine here ) and if Bandai
will make it too, I'll buy one ! Oh yeah, the most chances is on the stamen,
not the MA


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>>> It's a modular ship which could combine with the rx78 in a variety of
>>> to form different vehicle type. Alternatively, it could combine into
>>> big vehicle with an rx78 in it...if the grey one is inside, then the
>>> white is usually riding on the ship like it was a surfboard.
>>And the design of the G-Armour, I must say, is VERY 70s Giant-Robotish :)
>any chance for a MG dendrobium...;)
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