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>The next PG Model is rumored to be the Z Gundam.

        That should be interesting. I wonder if it will be just an expansion on
the movable frqame of the MG, or will they redesign from scratch to take
the full advantage of the scale? also..let's hope it has a that hyper-beam
launcher thingie.

>The MG Gundam Alex NT-1 is scheduled for September.

        This is one I'm waiting for.

>The MG Rick Dom is scheduled for October.
>It will have a redesigned Beam Bazooka and redesign waist/leg thrusters.

        Hmmmm...I think I'm going to have a very empty wallet.

>The next MG to be annouced will be the Gundam ZZ or the G-Armor (???)

        I can imagine the ZZ -- it's only logical, but a G-armor? will that come
with an rx78 or just the G-armor itself?

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