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> seeing as to how your universe is, I'd like to be on the "char"
> side...maybe as one of those nasty special units...

Well, so far the system I have in mind will work something like this:

The game takes place at the start of the Second Succession War.

Each player will be able to choose a faction to belong to from Imperial
Loyalist, Imperial Rebel, Zeon, Neo-Zeon, Zeon Rogue Fleet. You can name your
character (although you won't be allowed to play specific personalities from
the timeline, so no one gets to be Amuro or Camille :)

Your role is as the commander of a small independant attack group, consisting
of one heavy cruiser (your flagship), and two MS attack wings (20 units). You
can recruit other non-player characters, acquire additional MS's and ships.
Your goal is basically to advance within the universe by conquering
territories, forming alliances with other players, developing new
technologies etc. I'm hoping to include a strong RPG element, although my
familiarity with mecha rpgs is a bit limited.

This is why I need staff - I need ideas, input, graphics, coding help etc :)

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