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Hoi Fai Leung wrote:
> >Good example is
> >the 100-Shiki. Who in the right frame of mind would want to pilot a
> >golden coloured machine to battle? It's like an invitation for the
> >enemy to spot and shoot you down. On the same note, red isn't such a
> >great colour for a war machine as well. Maybe it's just Char ...
> I have never thought of that. Yet, I think just like all the red MS his has
> polited before, the color is to show off his advanced skills. I mean, who
> would pliot a red MS in a fight so that everybody can recongnize you and get
> really to beat you hard in the first place, right?
> Still, I must say, sometimes, I thought it would be nice if all of Char's MS
> is red, just to make it consistance.
Psychological warfare I would say. And confidence.
If you know that the guy that is coming is the Red Baron, the Red Comet
or the Nightmare of Solomon there's a good chance that you will flee or
surrender. They are legendary aces after all, and probably they can
you when they want. Do you remember the fear of White Base's crew when
they know that their enemy is Char?
Then if the Red comet is on your side and you know that maybe you are a
little more determined to stay on your ground, specially when you see
him fight near you like a lion, only to not show yourself a coward in
front of him. During a battle with fighters or MS it's difficult to
recognize even an extraordinary ace with all the units moving and
shooting but if the unit is different from the others you can spot your
hero/commander much more easily.
Then there's confidence. Many great warriors (if the war make someone
great) love to be recognized. Like the knights of old everyone of them
has an insignia, a combat style, a fame to be earned. They like fight
each other in a particular, chivalrious, fashion.
Yes, maybe a grunt will try to put down the enemy's champion with the
help of some friends but an ace has superior experience and perhaps
excellent equipment and a group of MS pilots aren't too well trained in
engage together a single enemy. Of course there will be several
too-much-eager aces killed by the grunts, but then they are no more
aces-they are dust.
Bye, Vincenzo

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