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>I just checked out the Gundam Project, and under Char's Conterattack:
>Mechanics, I found this ship: Crap-class cruiser. Was this really in
>CCA? More Gundam name fun......

For what it's worth, the CCA Battle Document (1998.3.27, Ashiya Shuppan,
ISBN4-7511-0158-7) romanizes the name of this Londo Bell MS carrier as
"Clop" ... but it also cites the Gwazine, Ra-Kailum, Rewloola and Musuka.

Burke Rukes favored "Crepp" the last time I looked.

I, myself, favor "Krupp" -- after the family of German munitions makers,
including Friedrich (1787~1826), his son Alfed (1812~1887), Alfred's son
Friedrich Alfred (1854~1902); Friedrich Alfred's daughter Bertha
(1886~1957) and Bertha's son Alfred (1907~1967). While not terribly
original in family names, they were very innovative in the area of Big
Guns, including the 108mm fielded in WW1, affectionately nicknamed "Big


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