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> Has anyone actually bought one of the MS in Action
> figures? If yes, are they worth buying. They are
> going for $12-$13 at two internet stores. I'll
> probably buy at least one to see how they are.

I have all 4 release so far: RX-78 "Gundam", Zaku II,
Char's Zaku, and the newly-released MS-07B "Gouf". I
got them all in Hong Kong at about US$6.20 apiece.

As for Gundam and the 2 Zakus, they are, in short, a
scaled down version of the MG kits: quite posable, the
body colors are matching, and each figure comes with
loads of weapons and accessories. The downside for
these 3 is the panel lines are somewhat sloppily
applied, but the hands cannot seem to hold the big
weapons (like the bazookas) firmly.

As for "Gouf", the body color & panel lines is done
much better than the other three, but short on
accessories: a shield, a detachable whip, a big heat
sabre, and a finger-cannon left hand, that's it. you
will have to buy the zaku II to share the weaponary, +
a normal left hand (from Zakus) to hold this weapons.
other that that, i have no complain from these vinyl
kits. They are much better than the micro Gundam
figurunes. You'll get your money worth.

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