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> Adventures, alarums and excursions ensue, during which Tobia
> survives and
> finds himself to be a Newtype, Kinkedo is revealed to be
> Zabine Chareaux,
> Seabook Arno turns up sporting a mechanical hand (Š la Luke
> Skywalker but,
> hey! Hooks are definitely passť) and Vera acquires a
> shoulder-borne parrot.

Not quite. Seabook re-named himself Kinkedo. Zabine Chareaux never bother
to change his name. And Seabook's mechnical hand didn't showup until later
on in the story, (he really got messed up). The mechnical design for the 3
Crossbone Gundams are excellent. I supposed the character design of F91 is
a bit too hard to draw on manga on a consistant basis, so they went for
another set of character design. The characters look very very different
from F91.

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