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Tue, 03 Aug 1999 11:12:12 -0400

Just got the first volume of 0083 from Suncoast Video (episodes 1-4).
I've seen these episodes before, but the subtitles make them a wee bit
more understandable. A couple of questions:

1) Why didn't the Dom Tropen that killed Allen kill Keith?
2) When Kou waxed the two Dom Tropen with his little aeiral maneuver, I
could tell that one of the Doms was hit with the beam rifle. How was
the other one downed? Head vulcans? Another machine gun?
3) I think this was covered before, the hell is the GP02's
shield its cooling system? Did the designer have a brain fart and omit
the system from the mech's design and put it in the shield as an

Now I have to get the other 3 volumes.

Joaquin Torres

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