Hoi Fai Leung (chmikeangel@hotmail.com)
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 09:24:26 EDT

>Good example is
>the 100-Shiki. Who in the right frame of mind would want to pilot a
>golden coloured machine to battle? It's like an invitation for the
>enemy to spot and shoot you down. On the same note, red isn't such a
>great colour for a war machine as well. Maybe it's just Char ...

I have never thought of that. Yet, I think just like all the red MS his has
polited before, the color is to show off his advanced skills. I mean, who
would pliot a red MS in a fight so that everybody can recongnize you and get
really to beat you hard in the first place, right?

Still, I must say, sometimes, I thought it would be nice if all of Char's MS
is red, just to make it consistance.


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