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"W. Lee" wrote:

> In waverider, how does it land? The landing gears aren't the wheeled
> type, so I presume it's fully VTOL capable(?) But is that realistic (for
> space carrier landings as well as surface)?

My god, good question, I don't actually recall it landing at all.
Although I do recall at Kilimanjaro base, it was hoovering close to the
ground with the 100 Shiki on it's back, but still not really quite sure
if it landed. If it did land, I am sure it would be VTOL capable (and a
hell of a lot easier to get back into).

> Where does the main thrust come out in waverider? The feet close up, so
> the only thruster I can spot seem to be the rather small ones on the
> back of the shins...

there are some thrusters roght up it's butt, under that huge tail, but
that's about it.

                  Michael Ip

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