Paul Lampshire (
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 00:08:27 +0100

>I've always preferred the OYW MSes, especially the Zeon MSes. Very
>simple and functional military designs. MS like ZakuII always reminds
>me of an infantry grunt.

I like the Zaku II as well. The hoses are a pain on the MG versions though
: )

>Zeta era MS seems too flashy and super robot-like.

What about the Mk II?

>Good example is
>the 100-Shiki. Who in the right frame of mind would want to pilot a
>golden coloured machine to battle? It's like an invitation for the
>enemy to spot and shoot you down. On the same note, red isn't such a
>great colour for a war machine as well. Maybe it's just Char ...

OTOH, such daft colour schemes have been used in RL...

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